Micro-Hydro Power Plant Lights the Way for Future in Afghanistan

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The micro-hydro power generates electricity for the village from canal water, allowing the residents the opportunity to use things such as mobile phone chargers, washing machines and light globes.

A micro-hydro power plant has eased the life of villagers in Nangarhar province, enabling children to study at night and families to use computers and cell phones.

The power plant was made possible by the National Solidarity Program, which provides basic infrastructure and services to rural Afghanistan. It is implemented by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development with support by the World Bank and ARTF.

Some 3,200 projects involving small-scale construction have already been completed in the province under NSP.

In Banda Miralamji village, under the supervision of local engineers, villagers helped construct the small power plant in 2009 by digging a narrow channel to divert water from a nearby irrigation canal. They built the two-room tower from local materials, and installed the generator and electricity turbine.
The small turbine is generating enough electricity for the 150 families in the community of Banda Miralamji, in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province.
The tiny hydropower plant is the pride of his village, he says. “This place is very valuable to us, so my job is also important,” says Gul, 41, with obvious satisfaction. “My friends and families get their electricity from this place, and they depend on me, so their children can study under lights or use their computers; women can charge their phones or wash clothes. So many things.”



Published date, Jan 7, 2014

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