2013 Environmentally a year in review

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Environmentally a year in review


Environmentally 2013 is a remarkable year. A year in review marks the good and the bad. Below are some highlights in various areas of environmental concern.



Due to the emphasis on energy efficiency and power supply sourcing, greenhouse gas emissions are slowing for the first time ever. We are using and finding new sources of renewable energy and using what we have more effectively. Research in all of these sectors continues to develop at incredible rates to provide more options for improvements in this area.



The year 2013 can be marked as one of the most unpredictable weather years on record.



Arguably the most devastating nature stories come from Africa this year. With one-fifth of Africa's elephants in jeopardy this year due to poaching and 751 rhinos killed by poachers in South Africa and Kenya conservation groups continue to struggle against the tragic and senseless carnage.

But other concerns from nature include declines of wildlife in Europe where more than 200 native species of birds, bats, moths, butterflies, rabbits and dormice have been reported in the UK alone. There are other huge concerns for the bee population in Europe as a whole due to overuse of pesticides.

Destruction of the Amazon rainforest continues to be a concern on the South American continent as almost one-third of the watershed was overtaken by development. This destruction will threaten the habitats and existence of animals such as the Jaguar, Ocelot, Giant Anteater, Golden Lion Tamarin, Red Howler, Toucan and Green Poison Dart Frog.

In North America the red wolf continues to be one of the world's most endangered canids.

In good news in the animal news world, the Puerto Rican Parrot has made a modest comeback with 100 being tracked in the wild currently, up from just 13  a few years ago.



Green Building

With an estimated 60,000 LEEDcertified projects around the world, 2013 has been a building and design inspiration for the ages. 


2013 certainly has been environmentally interesting with many important stories leaving lasting impact.


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