Growing Fresh Air With Common House Plants

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Bill Wolverton MD, author of How To Grow Fresh Air, explains how plants and their companion microorganisms are used to create a closed ecological life support system for long duration space habitation. His research included wastewater recycling as well as the purification and revitalization of indoor air.

Indoor air pollution can be higher inside the home than outside, especially in during winter months. For larger buildings this approach works to reduce energy requirements for air circulation and provides a cost savings, helping to comply with indoor industrial air quality standards.

Here are the three plants doctor Wolverton identified best suited to improving air quality and the number of plants required to provide a healthier indoor breathing environment:


Day Time Oxygen Production

Areca Palm

4 plants, shoulder-high, per person


The Areca Palm breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen during the day.

In excessively dirty air conditions, such as in city of Mumbai India, plant leaves are wiped clean once daily with a moist soft cloth. In cities with cleaner air, this is done once weekly. The Areca Palm prefers to have its soil slightly dry between watering and thrives in full sun. Moving the Areca Palm outdoors every three to four months will help rejuvenate healthy plant growth.

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