Build Your Own Triple Compost Bin

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Three Times The Action: Build Your Own Triple Compost Bin


What’s a triple compost bin, and why should you need one? Good question.

Most people don’t even have ONE compost bin. That’s according to a National Waste and Recycling Survey that found that 72% of Americans do not compost.

With 36 million tons of food waste produced each year, according to the EPA, in addition to yard waste generated from gardening, mowing and trimming plants and trees, there is a lot of organic material being sent to landfills that could be turned into valuable, nutrient-rich fertilizer and garden amendments through composting, instead.

If you’d like to reduce your waste stream while creating FREE fertilizer for your yard and garden, setting up a triple compost bin rather than one compost bin might be the easiest solution. Why?

A triple compost bin reduces the weight in your composting pile, which is important when you need to turn over the materials. Whether you use a standing bin or a rotating barrel or drum, wet materials and pounds of food, cardboard and garden scraps really do add up. The three-bin system also allows you to continue to compost throughout the year, while also having compost readily available for when you need it in the garden. How?

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