Tobacco is deadly in any form or disguise

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It is well known that tobacco smoking kills millions. But it also exacerbates poverty, contributes to world hunger by diverting prime land away from food production, damages the environment and reduces economic productivity. Second hand smoking also affects other people’s lives.

Despite many attempts to prevent it, a global tobacco control treaty became international law in 2005.

However, challenges still remain as tobacco companies try to hit back, for example, by targeting developing nations, increasing advertising at children and women, attempting to undermine global treaties and influence trade talks, etc.


Tobacco Smoking kills

The world’s premier health organization, the World Health Organization (WHO) is quite blunt about the impacts of tobacco and smoking:

Tobacco smoking is the second major cause of death in the world.

Tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year (1 every 6 seconds

It is currently responsible for the death of 1 in 10 adults

It is the leading preventable causes of all deaths

It kills up to half of its users.

If current smoking patterns continue, it will cause some 8 million deaths each year by 2030

Tobacco caused 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

At current trends up to one billion will die in the 21st century from tobacco.

 On average, a smoker killed in middle age loses about 20 years of life expectancy compared to someone who has never smoked

 An estimated 1.3 billion people smoke

 84% of all smokers live in developing and transitional economy countries

  Most people start smoking before the age of 18; almost a quarter of these individuals begin using tobacco before the age of 10

 47.5% of all men smoke compared to 10.3% of women.

Tobacco is the fourth most common risk factor for disease worldwide.


 Tobacco is deadly in any form or disguise:

Cigarettes, pipes, bidies, kreteks, clove cigarettes, snus, snuff, smokeless, cigars…

Mild, light, low tar, full flavor, fruit flavored, chocolate flavored, natural, additive-free, organic cigarettes, PREPS (Potentially Reduced-Exposure Products), harm-reduced…

Second-hand smoke is also a very serious problem:

 Second-hand smoke causes 600,000 premature deaths per year.

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