The Right Music Can Improve a Pet’s Physical and Psychological Health

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Research suggests that pets and humans respond to music in similar ways. A review paper published last year in Lab Animal3 evaluated the effect of music on animals in the areas of physiology, behavior and welfare.

According to researchers:

“Information about the potential benefits of music to animals suggests that providing music may be used as a means of improving the welfare of laboratory animals, such as through environmental enrichment, stress relief and behavioral modification.”

As you might guess, studies also suggest that calming music can have a beneficial effect on animals, while loud noise has a detrimental effect.

But music that promotes a healing response doesn’t have to be classical. Simple rhythms can have a profound impact on an animal’s nervous system by causing changes to heart and respiration rates, brain activity, and spinal cord activation. In fact, rhythmic auditory stimulation (RAS) has been shown to improve walking ability in people with acquired brain injury.4

Through its complex influence on the central and autonomic nervous system, music also has the ability to impact an animal’s metabolism and gastrointestinal motility.5

If you’d like to experiment with calming music for your pet at home, in your car, or just about anywhere you take him – Through a Dog's Ear has a variety of music for both dogs and cats


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