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Alright you guys, brace yourself for this one. We have put together some of the cutest, most interesting, and least known facts about animals:

Sheep wag their tails. 

But they don’t do it for the same reason dogs do. They wag them when they’re unable to see any members of their flock or when they’re approached by strangers.

Otters hold hands with each other.

They do it while they’re sleeping so that they don’t drift apart in the water. I want to hold paws with an otter! Sea otters also use shells as tools.

Elephants are sensitive.

They mourn the loss of loved ones by gently touching the bones and tusks of the dead with their trunks and feet.

Crocodiles are gentle.

A mother crocodile can gently crack an egg with her teeth without hurting her young inside.

Pigeons are lovers.

Not only can they recognize themselves in mirrors, they also mate for life and travel in large numbers to help protect one another from predators.

Orcas are “mama’s boys”.

They are coddled well into adulthood. When their mothers die, their own chances of survival drop sharply.

Monkeys are the Einstein of animals.

Rhesus monkeys count, leave trail markers, and communicate complex information to each other. They also express empathy and possess a sense of fairness.

Chicks talk to each other from inside their shells.

They use at least 24 different sounds to communicate with one another. A mother hen will cluck to her chicks while they’re still in the shell, and the chicks will chirp back.

Mice are ticklish and romantic.

Bieber mouse likes to sing.

Mice giggle when they are tickled. Male house mice sing melodic signature songs in order to woo female mice.

Ants ♥ math.

Harvester ants use an algorithm that researchers call the “anternet”—because it’s like the formula used by the Internet—to determine where to find food.


Published, Jan 15, 2014




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