Red Panda

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The red panda has small features like a cat but the markings of a panda or raccoon. In fact it looks like a cross between all three! It is reddish brown with a very thick ringed tail. Red pandas lives in Asia and shares some of its habitat with the giant panda.
They both share some similar lifestyle facts. Both animals like to eat bamboo, although the red panda will supplement its diet and eat addition foods when available. They are both solitary creatures and endangered. They even share breeding and reproduction characteristics. Despite all of their similarities, the red panda family classification is Ailuridae.
Information on their life cycle in the wild is not complete. The red panda is also known as the lesser panda, fire cat, small red panda, and western red panda


The red panda lives, eats, and raises its babies in forest mountain terrains. Its habitat range includes central China, Nepal, Myanmar(Burma), and Bhutan. Precise information on their habitat distribution is not known since wild population facts are difficult to gather.

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