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The sun bear, or Malayan sun bear, is one of the smallest bears. It has short and smooth hair because it lives in the subtropics. Its fur protects it against rain, insects, and vegetation (thorns, scrapes, etc.). It has a small muzzle, tiny ears, and small eyes.

The sun bear has a beautiful and unusual U-shaped pattern that is golden in color. The shape is half an oval, symbolizing a rising or setting sun. Occasionally the lighter color is freckled with brown patches. The same golden color is found on the muzzle of the bear, sometimes more cream or white colored.

Despite their name, sun bears are not active during the day. They are mostly nocturnal and become active at dusk when it is more comfortable to forage. However they like to sunbath in tree top branches during the day.

They live in Southeast Asia in parts of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Burma. They are also found in the southern regions of China.

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