The Perfect Pet Food That Helps Break Down Your Pet’s Tartar

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The Perfect Pet Food That Helps Break Down Your Pet’s Tartar

Many dogs and cats today have a problem with plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth. Without intervention, the result can be painful oral abscesses, infections, loose teeth, and even bone loss. Fortunately, a growing number of pet owners are realizing the importance of keeping their pet’s teeth in good condition.
Feeding a raw diet and offering your dog raw meaty bones to chew are important aspects of good oral hygiene. The idea that dry pet food is good for your dog’s or cat’s teeth is misguided. Starchy kibble will not help clean your pet’s mouth. Raw meat, on the other hand, contains enzymes that are helpful in breaking down plaque and tartar.
Some pets, for example, short-muzzled and toy breeds, many cats, and animals with chronic health conditions are often predisposed to heavy tartar build-up on their teeth. Even when these pets are raw fed and receive raw bones to gnaw on, it is difficult to keep their teeth free of plaque and tartar.
Most pet owners can teach their dog or cat to submit to daily tooth brushing, which is the ideal way to insure tartar doesn’t accumulate on your pet’s teeth.
With regular effective home care, and provided your pet isn’t predisposed to heavy plaque and tartar build-up, it’s possible he may never need a professional teeth cleaning performed by a veterinarian. However, every pet should receive routine dental x-rays, a thorough oral exam, and professional cleanings as necessary.

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    This article is quite helpful and has great information for dog owners whose dogs suffer from dental plaque and tartar. After reading this article, I would definitely look into my dogs eating habits now and I am sure majority of other readers would too. Diet definitely plays a vital role in preventing <a href="">dog plaque</a>.

    It's interesting to know that certain breeds of dogs are more susceptible to developing oral complications. Thanks.
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