The Dangerous Myths Many Cat Owners Believe

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The Dangerous Myths Many Cat Owners Believe


By Dr. Becker

Recently, a large pet food manufacturer (Royal Canin) conducted a surveyof U.S. cat owners. According to, the purpose of the survey was “To dispel myths and better understand the relationship between cats and their owners.”

Of course, you and I know the real purpose of the survey is to use the information collected to create new products and generate new marketing campaigns that will appeal to cat-owning consumers.

Cat Owner Study Results

Some of the survey results are interesting, and I wanted to share them with readers here at Mercola Healthy Pets.

·         Almost half (49 percent) of cat owners surveyed did zero research or information gathering before bringing their pet home. (Since I believe preparation is priceless, especially when it comes to caring for animals that depend on us, I’m not in favor of acquiring pets on impulse or before you know what you’re getting into.)

·         61 percent of survey responders selected a cat because they felt it would adapt easily to their lifestyle.

·         60 percent liked the fact that cats don’t need to be taken outside to relieve themselves.

·         55 percent of cat owners appreciate that kitties can be left alone for “long” periods of time.

·         Many cat owners are not aware that felines spend significant amounts of time each day marking their territory, engaging in hunting activities, and hiding.

When it comes to choosing pet food:

·         16 percent of cat owners feed their pet based on its lifestyle, for example, whether the cat lives indoors or outdoors.

·         95 percent of owners of multiple cats feed them all the same food.

·         Almost two-thirds (65 percent) of cat owners choose their pet’s food based on flavor, and 38 percent believe cats have a strong sense of taste. (Actually, cats have a weak sense of taste and are drawn by the smell and texture of food rather than its taste.)

·         The majority of cat owners don’t consider their kitty’s weight or age when making decisions about what to feed.

Interestingly, while 50 percent of cat owners report they think about their kitty’s health every day, 72 percent don’t factor it into decisions about what to feed their pet.


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Published, Jan 13, 2014

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