The Benefits of Giving Your Dog Bones

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Veterinarians highly recommend giving your dog synthetic dog bones.You can give them to puppies to control the urge to chew and you can give them to older dogs to help scrape away plaque. For whatever reason you choose, you will promote your dog's overall health and stimulate its senses.

Does Chewing Have Dental Benefits?

Bones actually stimulate puppy's teeth and help puppies deal with the pain of teething. If you have a puppy, you may be wondering why it is destroying all the furniture in your house. Just like a human baby, puppies experience teething and it's often very frustrating and painful. Chewing objects massages their gums and eases the pain. To protect your furniture and shoes, give your puppy a bone.
The dental benefits don't stop with puppyhood. Both puppies and older dogs like bones because they exercise the muscles in their jaws. Bones stimulate the gums and improve overall health. They also scrape the teeth and remove excess plaque and other dental dangers. Tarter buildup is also less of an issue with dogs that regularly chew bones.

What Types of Bones are Most Beneficial?

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